Amazing "No Feel" Film Dressing AIRWALL

From "Less Irritating" in the Past to "No Feel"Today

Film dressings that should protect wounds and skin actually put stress on your skin.
We thus took another closer look at that fact and came up with AIRWALL.
With AIRWALL, we achieved an amazing sense of "no feel"
thanks to less than a quarter the thickness, four times less moisture retention and 15 times more elasticity compared to conventional products. AIRWALL brings to an end the days were relief only came when dressing were removed.
Because you forget is even there, it is truly the tape patients have been waiting for.


No more sticky and sweaty feel

Approx. four times greater moisture vapor permeability than conventional products!
The skin feels dry because AIRWALL does not impede evaporation of perspiration.

Thanks to the high vapor permeability of AIRWALL, evaporation of perspiration is not impeded even when applied to the skin. So, even over time, the patient encounters little itchiness or unpleasant feeling from moisture retention.
What’s more, growth of germs and peeling of skin cells due to moisture retention are kept in check.
※Compared with similar Kyowa products

  • Approx. four times more moisture vapor permeates the tape (per square meter in 24 hours).
  • **Based on a survey of 258 nurses working in the front lines of the medical field.

No more overstressed skin

Elasticity approx. 15 times greater than that of conventional products means AIRWALL softly fits the skin and relieves discomfort.

AIRWALL is tape that uses the industry's first in 7-micron film, developed independently by Kyowa. Thanks to that, it has excellent elasticity to expand and contract with the motion of the skin.
As a result, it doesn’t pull on the skin while applied and reduces skin stress.
※Compared with similar Kyowa products

  • The difference in stretch when weights of the same mass are suspended is readily apparent.
  • Gently matches the unevenness of the surface to fit cleanly.
  • **Based on a survey of 258 nurses working in the front lines of the medical field.

No more tape peeling

Thinness less than a quarter that of conventional products reduces that chance of the tape catching, twisting or lifting.

AIRWALL is only 7 microns thick, much thinner than conventional products.
Thanks to that, most of the unevenness with the skin surface is eliminated to keep AIRWALL from coming off even when rubbed and to prevent the unpleasantness of catching on clothes. As a result, it can be used longer without needing to be changed. Moreover, the tape does not develop wrinkles or gaps even when applied for a long time, so water resistance does not decrease over time.
※Compared with similar Kyowa products

  • ■One week after applying
  • ■After removing tape
  • **Based on a survey of 258 nurses working in the front lines of the medical field.

Less than a quarter※ the thickness thanks to original technology

Main causes of discomfort when tape is applied are said to be the tape’s hardness and moisture retention.
We thus developed a manufacturing method that lets us make the tape super thin and soft while maintaining strength.
※Compared with similar Kyowa products

A difference readily apparent when compared to conventional products!

A difference recognized by nurses

AIRWALL is tape that takes into account the stress patients feel while it is applied.
The AIRWALL difference is thus apparent when applied to one’s own skin. So we had 258 nurses working in the front lines of the medical field feel for themselves the difference between AIRWALL and conventional film dressing.


How to apply (Method differs for 50mm width type. Please also read the notes on use.)

  1. 1.Remove the center liner paper.
  2. 2.Apply AIRWALL to skin while holding the ends.
  3. 3.Remove the liner paper on the ends, and apply the remaining AIRWALL to the skin.
  4. 4.Remove the cover film on the left and right, and smooth AIRWALL to the skin.
  5. Removal


Specs table

products line up

< Notes on Use >
● AIRWALL is not sterilized. Do not apply it directly to catheter insertion sites or wounds.●Clean the area you will apply AIRWALL to by wiping off any moisture or other contamination. Moisture may prevent adhesion.●Use on children should be under the guidance and supervision of parents or guardians.●If rashes, flaring, itching or other symptoms are observed when using AIRWALL, discontinue use and consult a physician or pharmacist.●Use with caution for patients who easily develop rashes from adhesive bandages.
< Storage >
●Store in a cool, dry pace out of direct sunlight.●Keep out of reach of children.
< Note on "no feel" of film dressing >
"No feel" describes how it feels almost as if no tape is applied. However, this feel differs by individual.